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May 4, 2014 6:00am PDT
-- because the perception is that germany, which has a lot of trade with russia and particularly depends on energy on oil and gas would not support sanctions athe this point? >> she said she talked about how she is trying to move other countries in europe along. i think her country is -- at least she is closer to this. she did stand in unity with president obama talking about this. there does have to be an off ramp for russia to deescalate this. i don't think we choose to get in a war with the russians. we have to bolster nato. that is something they talked about, too. we have to find a way to achieve a pluralist noncorrupt government in ukraine and we have to support trade, i think so. >> so what is the off ramp? >> well, putin personally, certainly the information everybody seems to have is that there is no advantage to russia in having an all out war in ukraine. our leverage is our economy against him. we're strong. he's a gas station as john mccain said with a lot of corrupt people surrounding him. if we are going to avoid the sanctions we can avoid a worse outcome. we have t
Apr 27, 2014 10:00am PDT
a recent trade mission to germany, recently you criticized the way president obama has been handling ukraine. and you offered this suggestion. take a look. >> but to continued instability in the middle east and with putin's aggression in ukraine, i believe we must take immediate steps to strengthen our mutual security by deploying a robust missile defense in all of europe. >> why is the governor of indiana talking about missile defense and not to get too deeply into it, but how do you think setting up a missile defense in the czech republic or poland is going to stop putin who is not involved with missiles but is talking about sending tanks and airplanes over the border or at least threatening to send those over the border into eastern ukraine? how does missile defense help? >> well, first, i was in germany promoting the state of indiana. we have more than 12,000 hoosiers employed by german companies. and more to come. and hoosiers have had a long standing interest in issues affecting the nation at home and abroad. i'm no different than that. but when i was there, i thought
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2